Daily Archives: March 28, 2009

Poll Results

Florence, one of many beautiful places in Italy

Florence, one of many beautiful places in Italy

The way the question was phrased — “Where would you like to go next?” — didn’t take into account where you’ve been recently.  That might have some bearing on why Hawaii came in last, with 6%; maybe a lot of you just got home from there.  Tied for third, each with 12%, were A Caribbean Island and Southeast Asia.  Paris had 24%, good for second place.  Almost half of you — 47% — want your next destination to be Italy, making it our winner.  We may revisit this poll topic in the future, offering different choices.  After all, when it comes to travel, there are so many appealing places to visit (we’ll rule out countries whose names end in “stan”).

Our new poll is a bit more fanciful, but we’re not striving for scientific breakthroughs here.  So as they used to say on Election Day in Chicago:  Vote early and often!