Daily Archives: September 13, 2011

Gone Again

Don’t think for a moment that I’m just off having fun somewhere.  No, I’m currently doing research for a future blog post.  Without divulging my exact location, let’s just say that as you read this, I am probably pleading with a hotel desk clerk who can find no record of our reservation.  And I may not be doing that in English.

I’ll get back to my word-arranging duties soon, so you can expect to see new posts in a couple of weeks.  While you’re waiting, though, feel free to have a look around; check out posts you may have missed.

Since the inception of Tom Reeder’s Blog in 2009, the most popular post has been “Blondin’s Question” (1/14/09), about the French daredevil who crossed Niagara Falls several times on a tightrope.  Others that have had a lot of views include “Fake Beer” (10/1/09), “Artistic License” (12/17/09) and “The Circle of Willis” (2/4/11).

On the other hand, if you’d like to visit posts that are feeling neglected because they didn’t get a lot of attention, there is “Look, You Can See Our Farm From Up Here” (8/17/10), which deals with the invention of the Ferris Wheel, or “Food Is Bad For You” (6/27/11).

Feel free to hang out as long as you want, and stop by again soon!