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Shark’s Breakfast

stingrays also joined us

stingrays also joined us

From time to time I’ll be sharing excerpts from the journals we’ve kept during our travels.  The writing isn’t always polished to a high gloss; often it was jotted hurriedly in a small notebook.  It helps us relive some vivid moments, though, and perhaps you’ve had experiences similar to the ones described here.  This particular one is from April 1996, while my wife Sally and I were in Bora Bora:


We got up early to go on the “Shark’s Breakfast Outrigger Adventure”.  They squeezed 25 of us into an outrigger which took us to the edge of the reef at Bora Bora.  Our Tahitian guide attached one end of a rope to a rock, and the other end to our anchor line.  With our snorkels and masks in place, we bobbed in the water, holding onto the rope.  The guide tossed chunks of recently-deceased fish into the water.  In a few minutes, sharks started showing up to eat the chum.  There were a total of five we saw, and they got within a few feet of us.

Once the sharks had been fed and lost interest in us, most of the other tourists got back into the outrigger, but we stayed in the water with a few others.  Our guide took us through gorgeous coral gardens.  Fish of all kinds were abundant, and Sally pointed out a large moray eel.  The guide tried to tease it out of its hole in a rock, but it only came out part way.  We swam back to our boat — we were the last ones out of the water, which was typical for us on all of these excursions.  No sooner had we gotten into the outrigger than the skies opened up.  We were skimming across the lagoon at perhaps 25 miles per hour; the combination of that speed and the pelting rain made each droplet feel like a tiny needle, but it was exhilarating.  We passed a boatload of folks off the Club Med 2.  They were huddled miserably, some even wearing slickers.  Some in our boat weren’t enjoying the rainstorm either, but Sally and I were beaming, even letting out a whoop or two as we sat up on the gunwale…